1. Create.
2. Engage.
3. Convert.

PeelexDIGITAL’S social media marketing solution will help you increase your sales. Get the right customers to patronize your business.

Social Media is Proven to be a Very Poserful Tool.

Hyper-accelerate your business with ads

Take your business to the next level of success with result-oriented advertising. Let us know what your most important marketing objectives are, and we'll work with you to achieve them!

Consistently generate ready-to-buy leads

You won't have restless nights wondering where your next batch of clients will come from. We will supply a steady stream of leads to your company through our lead creation service.

Increase your power, credibility, and authority.

If people know, like, and trust you, they will do business with you. We'll assist you in achieving all of these goals with a well-planned content strategy.

Retain customers and build loyalty

Let us help you gain repeated purchases by keeping your brand top-of-mind with smart and consistent content marketing.


We Focus on what works and give you the result you deserve.

Instagram Lead Generation

With our clever combination of lead magnets, landing pages, and Instagram advertisements, you can simply double your sales.

Facebook Advertising

Reach millions of potential customers with Facebook ad campaigns that are engaging, hyper-targeted, and profitable.

Twitter Ad Campaigns

In just 280 characters, you can feel the strength. Increase awareness of your products, services, message, or cause by reaching out to an engaged audience.

YouTube Advertising

Connect with your precise target clients on YouTube to tap into the under-utilized goldmine of video marketing.

LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

Make the most of LinkedIn advertising for your B2B company. LinkedIn’s advanced targeting tools can help you generate 20–250 qualified leads each month.

Influencer Marketing

Obtain quicker results. We will assist you in using top influencers to increase business visibility and engagement, depending on the nature of your objectives.

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